Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ready for a challenge

Okay, so I am way behind in posting again but I have been extremely busy getting ready for a challenge. The 8 week mommymuscle challenge!

Moms that are members of StrollerFit in Noblesville and Fishers are ready for the challenge and a change! They will be participating in the nationwide 8 week mommymuscle challenge that starts Monday, January 18th! We have spent the week doing our pre-assessments and everyone is excited!

The ladies are testing to see where they are now in agility, cardio, flexibility, core and strength. After 8 weeks of exercises that will help them improve in all the areas....these ladies will see measurable differences. I am so excited for them and can't wait to see the differences!

Need a challenge....come to your local StrollerFit and try out a class!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


CHALLENGES....we all have them, right? It could be a person we don't really get along with at work or in the family. It could be your kiddos at times. Challenges can come in the form of life-changing decisions or just simply do I want a Grande or a Venti or will I get out of bed and go exercise today.

I am slowly learning to embrace challenges as they come my way.....this is going to be a long process but I am trying. I like them for the most part....I tend to learn a lot about myself.....but sometimes they come at the wrong time. But when they do come your way....what do you do? How did that work for you? Did you surprise yourself? Did you fail? Did you overcome with such vengence that you don't even recognize yourself? Did you realize that you were that strong?

As part of our month long StrollerFit - Fitness Takes No Holiday Challenge I gave my clients (moms) a challenge in class. How long can you hold a perfect squat? I mean a perfect squat.....keep the chin up, shoulders back, knees in line with the ankles.....and abs pulled in. Not one of the moms showed an ounce of hesitation when I called it out. They all lined up and took the challenge....even my 32 week pregnant mom....she is a trooper!!! All of them did so well....I was so impressed but two of them blew me away.........they held that perfect squat for over 5 minutes.....yes 5 minutes plus!!! (Did I mention the challenge was done during our class....they had already been exercising) I was blown away.....I was so proud of them! They took that challenge, sat back in the squat and held their stance.....legs shaking and all! I believe that moms have challenges thrown at them everyday and sometimes we complain and sometimes we sit back on our heels and keep our chins up and hold on tight and fight our way through it....even if it is hard!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


And our StrollerFit moms will not take no extra pounds this holiday season! Yes, we will fight with everything to not give in to the temptations during the season of giving. Watching our portions....moderation is key!

From now until the end of the year we will maintain our exercise routine...working out, staying strong and keeping each other motivated. Besides attending classes the moms have many chances to earn extra points. Simple ones like wearing StrollerFit clothes to class, being the first one to fitness challenges.....who can hold a squat the longest. At the end of the challenge everyone participating will have maintained and even in some instances, continued to lose weight.....all will have continued growing stronger and everyone will be less stressful throughout the challenge.

Did you know that.... moderate exercise is a great way to flush coritsol (stress hormone) which can make us crabby, tired and hungry for sugar!

Just one of the many reasons to keep your exercise routine up during the holidays. What are you doing to get through the holidays lighter this year?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Convention and beyond

Well, I have been meaning to write directly after convention but life got in the way yet again. Convention was abolutely life changing for me as person this year. I have always gone to get insight on the business of StrollerFit. Too chat and mingle with other owners. Meet new friends and hang out with old ones. Certifications, classes and new exercises and moves are always a plus but this year was different for me. This year I found ME! Yes, at a convention for my personal business I found myself.

It was strange experience to find me. Each year we are offered to participate in non-StrollerFit classes. This year I chose a spinning class.....something I used to do 2-3 times a week before becoming and StrollerFit owner. During this class I couldn't keep myself from breaking down and was so overwhelming I couldn't stop it and almost got off the bike and left. I was so embarrassed by my actions or lack of control of those actions. For the love....why was I tearing up....I am exercises....working out....listening to great music and a great instructor. I am in the groove....I am feeling the "hills"...I a loving the fastest of the downward glide....I feel like I can actually feel the wind in my face as I "sailed' down the "road. So why, oh why am I crying like a baby.

Afterward I talked with the instructor who is our President. She said I wasn't the only one who had approached mean there were others??? Holy Cow!! After she took the time to listen to me she helped me realize that I was ME for that hour....ME! Not, a mom, wife, sister, daughter. Not a fitness instructor or small business owner. I was Shawnie....just me! I didn't have a care in the world. I didn't have a child yelling Mom! A person asking where something was. I was working on the next day's class routine or helping my daughter with her homework. I wasn't playing chauffeur or making dinner. I wasn't reports or making goodie bags for an event. I was ME and it felt great! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Where in the world did I come from. The next day, I got to meet with two of the greatest life coaches around...Chris and Louis. While talking with them and other owners, I realized I had lost myself in my daily life juggling act. I can't believe I had let that happened. Isn't that what I tell my clients to do? Don't forget to take time for yourself. Get out and do something without the baby once a week....even if it is just a walk. Hide yourself in the bathroom when the hubby is home with the kids.....take a hot bath and read that book you haven't always wanted to read. I turned into one of them! UGH!!!

Since I have been back, I have vowed that it won't happen again. I am taking the time out each week for me. Am I being selfish....ABSOLUTELY NOT! I recharge moms daily....I am allowed to get recharged too. Not only can I help moms as they Restore their Cores.....I can take the time to restore me!

Don't lose yourself!!! You can be mom, wife, employee...whatever.....but still be you!

Don't deny yourself a simple pleasure of a hot cup of coffee or tea by yourself as you watch the sunrise. Take 10 minutes to read your favorite magazine. You deserve the time and energy for yourself.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rainy Day

Okay, today wasn't the best of days. Weathermen all over said rain....BUT...all of which was way south of they said. NOPE, as soon as we meet at the park....the rain came. It was a light rain but it came down. Luckily, I have an absolutely fabulous group of StrollerFit moms who took it in stride as we pushed the strollers to the nearest shelter. I had class....lacking a bit of the normal cardio... but we did it. I thought the rain was going to be my big issue but NOPE it was my little guy....he was at his persistent best today. I know it is due to 2 teeth coming in but really, MUST he find EVERY mud puddle around the shelter in the matter of 2 minutes??? As cute as he is, I was really tested as he was mud covered and crying throughout our core segment of class. I am appreciative to all my StrollerFit moms who hung in there despite a little rain and a lot of screaming but I am glad today's class is over and we made it out with just mud and tears. I am being optimistic that he will finish cutting those 2 teeth and Monday will prove to be a much better day. We will begin our 7th week of our fitness challenge on Monday. Everyone is working hard and several are gearing up for 5k's and even a mini marathon. This group of women are fabulous!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend means many different things to many people. It originated as the observance of the American workforce but over the years it has become a weekend to spend with family and friends.
This year for those that are in my inner circles, Labor Day can mean something very different this year. Several of my friends and StrollerFit moms just had their babies or are due anytime. Two are so close that Labor Day could be the day!! As we sit down with are family and friends this holiday weekend, give an extra thought to our fellow moms that could be doing the real LABOR this weekend. I wish you all the best of luck for speedy and safe deliveries. For those that are just returning home with their bundles of joy I wish you the best as you and your family bonds with your newborn. Your family as been blessed.....treasure the time while they are small and enjoy every moment.

I wish everyone a fabulous weekend!!